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Amuse bouche: Soft bread canapés (with TARA) featuring a red fruit jelly insert, topped with a foie gras mousse
boisson-proteinee textureee-avec-de-la-gomme-de-Tara .jpg
Textured protein drink with Tara gum to prevent aspiration in people with dysphagia
Mango sherbet ice cream textured with Tara gum
Textured multivitamin fruit puree with Tara gum
Roast stuffed with a tender filling textured with Tara gum
Soft brioche containing Tara gum
Frozen dish with stabilized sauce using Tara gum
Grilled sausage with texture provided by Tara gum


KALYS TARA GUMS are thickeners extracted from the seeds of Tara that contain up to 95% of a soluble fiber: Galactomannan. They are appreciated for their neutral flavor and the smooth, unctuous, and velvety texture they bring to recipes.

  • To thicken at low concentrations and with minimal heating (40-50°C)
  • To protect frozen products (ice creams, desserts, frozen dishes) against syneresis and/or texture loss caused by freeze-thaw cycles
  • In synergy with other texturizing agents (agars, carrageenans, xanthan) to form cohesive and elastic gels or to stabilize the water in protein emulsions.


  • 25 KG bags


  • Conventional qualities
  • Organic qualities (mandatory in the EU for use in organic recipes)
  • Kosher (vegetal product)
  • Halal (vegetal product)

Solubility of KALYS TARA GUMS

KALYS TARA GUMS are completely soluble from 40°C and have a high-water retention capacity for a native fiber (higher than guar or carob/locust bean gum). The characteristics of the solutions or gels obtained vary according to the chosen KALYS TARA GUM, its concentration, and the synergies with the other ingredients of your recipe.

Thickening properties of KALYS TARA GUMS

KALYS TARA GUMS can be used at lower concentrations (between 0.1% and 1%) than alternative sources of galactomannans (guar and carob/locust bean gums) to thicken your preparations.

In the mouth, KALYS TARA GUMS provide a texture that is smooth, unctuous, and velvety.

Preparations thickened with a higher concentration (>1%) of KALYS TARA GUMS form translucid fluids that are non-stringy, spoonable and more or less cohesive.

Cryoprotective properties of KALYS TARA GUMS

Thanks to their excellent ability to bind water at negative temperatures, KALYS TARA GUMS prevent the formation of free water and ice crystals in the center of products during freeze-thaw cycles. Due to their cryoprotective action, KALYS TARA GUMS are particularly suitable for protecting the texture and the integrity of frozen products (ice creams, desserts, frozen dishes).

Synergies and gelling properties of KALYS TARA GUMS

  • Combined with KALYS XANTHAN GUMS, KALYS TARA GUMS form a reversible gel that is quite cohesive and flexible.
  • They can be combined with KALYS AGARS or carrageenans to form gels that are more elastic, more cohesive, and less brittle than when the same gelling agent is used alone.

KALYS TARA GUMS contain up to 95% of galactomannan: a soluble fiber of plant origin.

Health benefits of KALYS TARA GUMS

Unlike assimilable carbohydrates, galactomannan is hypocaloric and does not cause a glycemic peakbecause it is not degraded by digestive enzymes. As a soluble fiber, its fermentation in our colon stimulates the diversification and growth of our intestinal microbiota.

Nutritional Benefits of KALYS TARA GUMS

KALYS TARA GUMS can be used in formulations to increase their fiber and water content while reducing their content of digestible carbohydrates and/or fats.

Nutritional Claims Associated with Galactomannan

  • "Low-energy food," "Reduced-energy food"
  • "Low in carbohydrates/sugars," "Light," "Reduced in carbohydrates/sugars (by substituting carbohydrates with non-digestible texturizers)"
  • "Low in fat," "Reduced in fat (by substituting carbohydrates with non-digestible texturizers)"

Using KALYS TARA GUMS as a texture agent

  • Thicken coulis, sauces, and fillings to provide creaminess and smoothness in the mouth,
  • Stabilize frozen products such as ice creams, sorbets, and prepared dishes,
  • Stabilize emulsions and animal proteins (sausages, whipped recipes),
  • Texture meat, fish, or dairy analogues (cheeses),
  • Provide softness to bakery products (with or without gluten) and protect them against starch drying and rancidity.

Using KALYS TARA GUMS for Nutritional and Health Applications

  • Biscuits, cakes, and low-fat pastries,
  • Chopped products such as stuffings and pâtés,
  • Substitute butter or oil in soups and veloutés
  • Foods with a low glycemic index
  • To improve the nutri-score of your products by decreasing their digestible carbohydrate content (starches...) and increasing their fiber content.

Using TARA KALYS GUMS in a Dysphagia Application

KALYS TARA GUMS can be used to texture liquid or semi-liquid foods for people with dysphagia. Indeed, like KONJAC FLOURS and XANTHAN GUMS, TARA GUMS are not degraded by salivary or pancreatic amylases.

Origin and quality

Our TARA GUMS are extracted from the seeds of a small tree native to South America: Caesalpinia spinosa.

KALYS PRODUCTIONS offers a comprehensive range of TARA GUMS, varying in quality based on several parameters such as viscosity, organoleptic profile, and certifications. This range allows us to meet all the application needs for TARA GUM.

Regulatory information

Only KALYS TARA GUMS certified as organic are authorized for use in organic formulations in Europe. For Texture applications, KALYS TARA GUMS are additives that comply with European regulations (E417) and Codex Alimentarius. KALYS TARA GUMS can be used "quantum satis" at an admissible dose with no limit (see Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 ).

KALYS TARA GUMS can be used in gluten-free products.

For more detailed information, please contact us.