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Carrot pearls inspired by molecular gastronomy

Supplier of konjac flours and functional ingredients

Anniversaire 30 ans

Kalys Productions commercializes in Europe an extensive range of konjac flours, natural and nutritional ingredients.

Our range covers the needs of the industry, artisan chefs, the health sector (hospitals, nursing homes), the food service sector (hotels, restaurants, catering, cafeterias, food bars as well as amateur cooks.

We also assist our customers in developing new innovative products.

Our specialties


Kalys Productions pioneered the konjac industry in Europe and has been a world expert in Konjac and its applications since 1995. We commercialize the widest range of konjac flours, konjac gums and derivatives (fiber, glucomannan, oligosaccharides). Our expertise also spans formulations using konjac (meat and fish analogues, low carb foods…).

Our range of konjac flours  


Our expertise in texture led us to select and develop an extensive offer of natural food texturing agents. Our range addresses the key emerging needs of the Food Industry (clean label, vegan…) the specifics of food for the elderly (dysphagia, retextured foods…) and the intricacies of gastronomy professionals (caterers, restaurant owners...).

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Health and nutrition

We offer a range of ingredients that improve the nutritional profile of foods (fibre and protein enhancement, reduction of digestible carbs…) for specific populations (people with metabolic disorders, sports(wo)men, elderly people…).

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Ingredients from grams to tons

All our ingredients are sold in grams to tons in packages adapted to our customers’ specificities:

  • Industry and laboratories
  • Artisan Food (bakeries, Ice cream stores, sweet shops…) 
  • Hotels, restaurants, caterers (HORECA)
  • Collective catering (school canteens, Cafeterias…)
  • Care and health professionals (nursing homes, hospitals, home helpers…)
  • Amateur cooks and private chefs 

Our functional ingredients

  • Konjac Flours and derivatives
    Konjac Flours and derivatives En savoir plus

    Konjac Flours and derivatives

    Use our wide range of Konjac flours to improve the nutritional status and/or the texture of your products.

    • Clean-label Konjac flours
    • Organic Konjac flours
    • Konjac glucomannans
    • Konjac Fibres and Oligosaccharides
    • Konjac Gums (E425)
    • Konjac for food supplements
    • Konjac for Feed and Pet Food
    • Technical Konjac grades (cosmetics, medicine, materials…)
  • Texture Ingredients of Natural Origin
    Texture Ingredients of Natural Origin En savoir plus

    Texture Ingredients of Natural Origin

    Our range of Texture Ingredients enables you to set, bind, thicken, emulsify, foam, increase over-run-of, or stabilize your products.

    • Konjac (glucomannan)
    • Guar, Tara… (Galactomannans)
    • Agar, alginate, carrageen (seaweed based ingredients)
    • Xanthan, gellan (fermentation products)
    • Lecithin
    • Pectin
    • Protein
    • Clean-label texturing agents
  • Nutritional ingredients
    Nutritional ingredients En savoir plus

    Nutritional ingredients

    With our range of nutritional ingredients, achieve paramount nutrition profiles to match your customer needs.

    • Soluble Fiber
    • Oligosaccharides and prebiotics
    • Proteins
    • Sugars of nutritional interest
    • Hydrocolloids for low-calorie formulation


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