Our Mission

Select and supply functional ingredients of high nutritional and environmental quality

Our Vision

In vitro culture of microplants in an agar nutrient medium

Offer nutritional solutions adapted to the prevention and/or management of metabolic diseases and swallowing disorders.

In vitro culture of microplants in an agar nutrient medium

Placing fibers and plants back at the heart of the diet.


Sourcing quality ingredients and guaranteeing their traceability

Our international supply network consists of a group of historical partners who have been chosen for the quality of their products and their ambitious social goals.

Since 1994, quality and traceability of our products rely on regular audits of our suppliers by ourselves and third parties (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC and/or IFS certifications).

Create, develop and produce innovative ingredients

For 30 years, Kalys Productions has anticipated market trends making constant use of a close relationship with customers, scientific intelligence and technologic monitoring.

To answer these trends, Kalys Productions sets-up in-house and collaborative research and development projects to create, manufacture and develop innovative ingredients and proprietary blends.

Select and supply functional ingredients

Kalys Productions’ core business is to select with and for our customers, the most relevant functional ingredient to match their needs (texture, nutrition, health…)

Whatever their scale of production, we supply them with the required volumes in the most suitable format and packaging (in Grams to tons).

Assisting our clients in their new product development

We assist our clients throughout their product creation and/or upgrading process by providing you with :

  • samples
  • personalised technical support
  • regulatory advice (legal status of the ingredient, authorized health and nutritional claims, labelling constraints, etc.).

Our History

Our team

  • Philippe Vieille

    CEO - Founder
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    Philippe is an agro-econonomist engineer (ISTOM, Angers). In 1995, appointed as UNO and EU expert, he carried out his first mission in Asia to evaluate the organisation of the konjac sector in China and Thailand. In 2021, together with Evergreen transition founders, he founded KARE CONCEPT. Kare concept owns and manages KALYS Productions. Philippe is the CEO and Commercial Director of the group and its affiliates.

  • Jean-Marc Parry

    R&D Director
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    Jean-Marc is an horticulture engineer (ENSH, Versailles) with expertise in plant sciences, ecology, botany and food chemistry. As a french konjac specialist, Jean-Marc has participated in all the R&D projects initiated by Kalys on Konjac. He is in charge of innovation, product quality and coordination of Konjac farming projects in Europe.

  • Timoty Savouré

    R&D Engineer
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    Timoty is an engineer in agronomy (ISTOM, Angers). Through several experiences in sub-Saharan Africa, Timoty acquired a deep cross-sectional expertise on the development of agricultural supply chains for agri-food companies. During his PhD in food science and processing (Montpellier SupAgro, 2021), Timoty developed a strong expertise in rheology, texturometry, sensory analysis, food processing plant design. Timoty leads the konjac processing projects.

  • Isaac Qamri

    Digital Marketing Manager
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    Isaac serves as a digital marketing manager at Kalys Productions, overseeing various projects related to digital marketing and web communication. He holds a Master's degree from IAE Nancy - School of Management and boasts over 7 years of experience in Luxembourg, working across the IT, advertising, and communication industries.

  • Smartbrothers

    Back Office and Logistics
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    Smartbrothers belongs to the KARE CONCEPT Group : it manages the support functions of the group’s companies (sales administration, warehousing and logistics, IT)

  • Elementa

    Commercial Agency
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    To market its products, KALYS Productions has relied on the competences of the company Elementa since 2010. This agent is a specialist in health ingredients for manufacturers of food supplements, baby food and dietetic products in France, Benelux and Spain.This historical partner contributes to the development of products that improve the consumers’ health and well-being.